Family Law Attorney Mediation


 Family Law mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation.  A mediator is a neutral third party, who assists and facilitates the negotiation of an agreement between the parties, without having to complete the case through litigation.  Under current Family Law Rules, mediation is a required step before trial, or in some cases, before any temporary relief hearings may be scheduled.  All discussions at or concerning mediation are confidential and not subject to disclosure.  Mediation is not arbitration, since the parties are not bound unless they voluntarily agree to the final result.  Family Law mediation can save thousands of dollars in litigation expenses, if the parties are able to reach an amicable agreement.  Having a skilled mediator is critical to achieving such an agreement.

We strongly believe in using alternative dispute resolution techniques, including divorce mediation, to reach agreement on important issues without the need for costly and contentious litigation.  Having an experienced attorney present with you at Mediation is essential.  Monica I. Salis can advise and counsel a client on their settlement options and the benefits and/or ramification under the law of each option.  Monica I. Salis will also participate in drafting the language and terminology used in your Mediation or Settlement Agreement so that it is consistent with your legal rights and objectives.  However, when an agreement cannot be reached, an experienced Florida family trial lawyer will aggressively litigate on your behalf.

Resolvable matters are settled rather than wastefully litigated, and true controversies are pursued in court for recovery by an attorney whose confidence before judges and juries has resulted in multiple courtroom victories.