Family Law Attorney Agreements

Prenuptial Agreement

 A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that is created and signed before the marriage.  The purpose of a pre-marital agreement is to prevent any problems or disputes over property and support that could occur in the future or upon divorce.  Pre-marital agreements may be especially important for those people who have accumulated substantial assets prior to marrying or who have children from a prior relationship.


                Marital Settlement Agreements

 A Marital Settlement Agreement is a legal contract that is created and signed at the conclusion of a marriage.  A Marital Settlement Agreement can resolve all of the issues pending in an active Divorce Case or just one issue to avoid the time, expense, uncertainty and stress of litigating such issue(s) before the Court.  Marital Settlement Agreements can also be agreed upon prior to filing a Divorce Case so that an Uncontested Dissolution can be filed.

               Pre and Post Relationship Agreements

 Couples who are not married and/or do not plan to marry may enter into Agreements which may include a determination of the division and/or ownership of assets and the financial responsibility for children and debts.